BeNext Xmas 2015
In an advertising and design agency, Christmas usually comes right after the summer. You need to plan, think and put to life the ideas that respond to our clients ' briefings and often that means postponing a week, two, to many, the agency’s Christmas communication. However, 2015 was different. We outlined a plan that involved the entire team of BeNext that made use of all available resources.

We started from a simple idea based on a habit that is much more than an urban myth: there is always a pair of socks under the Christmas tree. Because we like traditions and we didn't want to take the chance of letting it die, last Christmas we offered a very special pair of socks, full of suggestions and with an included calendar. We designed the packaging and chose the socks. We suggested 12 fun uses (one for each month of the year), produce them and photographed them.
Everything was made by us in a long process with a lot of green ink and loaded with the seasons spirit which resulted in a X-Mas Socks box offered to dozens of clients, partners and friends and a micro-site where one could find a film with the making off and backgrounds for desktop and mobile.
Company: BeNext
Executive Creative Director: Raul Reis
Associate CD: Hugo Lucas
Art Director: BeNext Team
Copywriter: Rui Bernardo
Photography & Retouch: BeNext Team
Head of Production: BeNext Team
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